Welcome to Cross Trails Cowboy Church in Fairlie, Texas


Cross Trails Cowboy Church started in 2002 with God giving two cowboys a vision. They felt God calling them to reach out to lost cowboys and gather the remnants neglected by traditional churches. They began by sharing the Word of God and with a lot of prayer. In one year the two grew to over two hundred people worshiping together under a tent. God has continued to bless Cross Trails ever since. And even though we've outgrown the tent, we will never outgrow the casual, come as you are atmosphere that makes us Cross Trails Cowboy Church.

Join us as the story continues and as we ride for HIS brand


Cross Trails Cowboy Church Constitution


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Lay Pastor of the month can be reached at 903-886-9115 for any issues that need to be addressed immediately outside of office hours,                                                             

Church Office hours: Monday & Thursday 8-2,  Wednesday 11-7, Closed Tuesday & Friday




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Message from Oliver:

CTCC family...  As we begin easing back into some of our normal services and routines like Sunday morning Bible studies, Children's Church, Wednesday night meal and all Wednesday night Bible studies, we don't want to ignore COVID 19 or any of it's risks or implications. So, we're asking you to please be mindful of everyone's health and safety. Not just yours, but those you come into contact with. We would ask you to refrain from coming to services under the following conditions:

  • If you have had a fever, or have been around someone who has, in the last 14 days
  • If you are compromised or high risk or currently vulnerable to illness in any way, or if you have regular exposure to someone who is

We also ask that when you are here, please maintain social distancing guidelines. At all times respect the space and safety of those around you. As you all know, 6 feet is the recommendation for those not in your family group. Please don't congregate. If you feel the need to wear a mask, please do. Some are available in the entrances for your use. They are not required, but we want you comfortable and protected. Wash your hands regularly, or use the hand sanitizer that is placed throughout the church. As much as we love handshakes and hugs, please refrain from them at this time. Please make sure you keep your children with you in common areas to insure they are protected. 

It is wonderful that we are able to assemble together as we are commanded to do in scripture, and we so appreciate you being willing to make a few adjustments that we are able to do so!  

Also, the sermons are still available online on Sunday afternoon if you are unable to join us. 

For more information on COVID 19 recommendations, please go to: dshs.texas.gov